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Who flew last year on COVID-19? A lot of people carry guns, according to TSA

The number of people traveling in the skies last year plummeted amid the coronavirus pandemic, but it looks like those who chose to fly in 2020 are more likely to be suffering from heat.

The Transportation Security Administration discovered 3,262 guns at security checkpoints at US airports last year. That number is down from the previous year, when security officers found more than 4,000 guns when scanning their people and property at airport security.

But on average, the likelihood of someone trying to bring a gun on a plane last year is much higher than in 2019. By 2020, on average, one gun is detected for every 270 passengers. This number is more than double the number of the previous year, when an average of 521 passengers was spotted at TSA screenings.

TSA has released statistics as part of a social media campaign highlighting screening activities at the airport and reminding the public of items that airline passengers are prohibited from carrying.

The agency regularly posts snapshots on Twitter

among the dangerous items confiscated by the airline, with tweets featuring loaded guns that passengers intentionally or unintentionally brought onto their flight.

If a passenger is found to have a loaded gun or an unladen gun with ammunition accessible at or outside the airport security area, they fined between $ 3,000 and $ 10,000 and a “criminal referral” – meaning the local law enforcement agency will investigate and decide whether to charge a charge – for the first offense.

Repeated cases will result in a higher fine in addition to the possibility of criminal investigation.

Additionally, travelers attempting to carry other types of gun-like equipment – such as BB guns, pistols, stun guns, or copies of guns – security previously could be fined between $ 260 and $ 2,090. dollars.

Passenger in general can travel weapons and ammunition if they’re stored in checked baggage – though specific rules may vary depending on where they’re traveling and the airline they use. According to TSA, guns must be removed and locked in a hard-sided carrying case to prevent others from accessing the weapon. Visitors are required to declare the gun at the ticketing counter if it is to be packed in a check-in bag. In addition, star guns including toy guns are only allowed as checked baggage.

Guns aren’t the only dangerous items people have tried to use lately. On Tuesday, the security agency posted a photo of a knife disguised as a comb that one of its officers detained at the security agency.



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