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Who is Vera Gedroits, Google dedicates a doodle to her – Technology

Google dedicates a doodle to Vera Gedroits, the first female surgeon in Russia and one of the first in the world, on her 151st birthday.

In addition to being a doctor and professor of anatomy, she is also a poet and author of literary texts.

Its popularity was mainly due to the research and innovation introduced into military surgery during wartime, whereby countless lives were saved.

Vera Ignatievna Gedroits was born on April 19, 1870 to a Lithuanian royal family in Kiev, then part of the Russian Empire. As a teenager, he left Russia to study medicine in Switzerland. Returning home in the early 20th century, she began her pioneering medical career as a surgeon in an industrial hospital.

When the Russo-Japanese War broke out in 1904, Gedroits volunteered to work as a surgeon on a train of the Red Cross hospital. Under the threat of enemy fire, he performed intricate abdominal operations on a converted train wagon with success in the operating room – something unprecedented – with success – had been by the Russian government applied as a new standard. After serving the battlefield, Gedroits worked as a surgeon for the Russian royal family before returning home to Kiev, where he became professor of surgery at the University of Kiev in 1929.

In addition to writing numerous scientific papers, Gedroits publishes a number of poetry collections and a number of non-fiction works, including a 1931 memoir simply titled “Life”, about fish journey his personnel led to first service in 1904.

Attached to the tumor, Vera Gedroits died in 1932 in Kiev, where she was buried.


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