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If we understood the state as a self-interested entity, it would be difficult to understand that it would not seek to solve the problems that adversely affect half of its population.

For nearly two months, Australia has had to admit and deal with violence against women, as well as the greater obstacles faced by women in Australian society. With this important cultural moment prompted by report On a sexual assault incident in Parliament House, there was a strong push for the government to show serious leadership over these issues. Unfortunately, the strong leadership was lack. While this is not surprising, it is still incredibly odd considering the important economic and social aspects. cost that these problems create for the state.

If we understood the state as a self-interested entity, it would be difficult to understand that it would not seek to solve the problems that adversely affect half of its population. Regardless of the natural resources a state may have, or geographically most advantageous, of a country ability important will always be its people. This will bring the state a deep desire in facilitating and exploiting human development in the entire population. However, by not adequately addressing the violence and inequality faced by women in Australian society, the state is instead significantly reducing its capacity.

As a country that has developed a streamlined – and skills-based – immigration policy over the past few decades, Australia clearly understands the idea of ​​strengthening its human resources as one important component of overall national strategy. However, it is clear that it is failing to apply the same lens to the economic and social conditions facing the female population.

By maintaining social and family environments where women and girls are physically insecure, maintain a system of justice do not do Take this insecurity seriously – and often Compounds That insecurity – and the retention of economic and cultural structures that hinder the advancement of women, it is clear that the state is working against its own interests. There’s a mental blockage when it comes to women that cannot be recognized and rectified by the state and civil society on their own.

This lack of clarity also affects the specific roles of women in Australian society. In general, women do bulk Unpaid labor is essential to keep humanity growing. Women carry this weight in spite of the hostile conditions their society has created for them. There is a striking feature here of women expressing their responsibility towards their society, where men and the government often do not, and where men and the government are also often actively opposing them.

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A clear understanding of women’s contributions to social well-being – and obviously the creation of future citizens – will raise a state’s vigilance towards any action or idea menacing women. The State needs to understand that the conditions that hinder the advancement of women, whether through persistent violence or structural inequality, are restraining members of society who have contribute excessively with little acknowledgment or reward, but those also with considerable potential increase their contribution if more favorable conditions allow it.

The apparent reality of these adverse conditions was highlighted by the World Economic Forum’s 2021 announcement last week. Gender gap index. Included in it are a pair of stats that when combined together provide one instruction Australia is failing to capitalize on women’s characteristics. According to this index, Australian women ranked first in terms of education level, but fell to 70th in terms of economic participation and opportunity.

Here, there are two elements of Australian society that are not consistently linked together to produce favorable outcomes for women and for the country. Women’s education in Australia is positive – although this should be seen as a basic human right, not something the country should pat itself on – but the cultural framework to allow Women making full use of their skills are clearly lacking.

However, while there are many Australian women who have been able to make strides in their careers despite these cultural barriers, recent research It has been shown that when women earn more money than men, their risk of becoming victims of domestic violence increases significantly. This is a clear indication of the systemic burdens women face in Australia; an unfavorable infrastructure in which advances in one area could lead to a backlash in another.

Find a way to dismantling These unreasonable conditions should be considered a nation priority. First country actually booked The well-being and advancement of women and girls at the heart of a national strategy will have a significant comparative advantage. Currently no country can truly claim this as part of their overarching political design, despite some stepping into key paradigm changes such as feminist foreign policy. Even the country that the World Economic Forum considers to have the smallest gender gap – Iceland – still has horrible record safety and justice for women. There is a chance for Canberra if it is prepared to think big.

To help itself in this way, the Australian government will need to find ways to face the underlying assumptions driving these inequalities. It is the belief – subconsciously or otherwise – that the male violence and desire for power is natural phenomenon that cannot be changed. This assumption continuously lowers behavioral expectations towards men, and allows for frequent neglect or justification of acts of violence and discrimination against women.

If the Australian government Unable to deal with the violence and inequality that women face as ethical concerns on their own, it must at least be able to understand how these issues directly affect their interests. his own blunt self. As a mid-range power, in a region with an emerging revisionist superpower that is not afraid to use it. coercive tacticsAustralia simply cannot continue to hamper the happiness and potential of its own citizens.



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