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Why did I leave a budding career in America to help ambitious developers in the Philippines

I came to the United States in 2018 to pursue my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and everything went well – until A pandemic caused by covid-19 has stepped in.

Suddenly, things started to go down. Life just feels different and I feel disoriented in life. At the end of 2020, I am an internship as a Creative Director for influential people on social network Alexis RenLos Angeles-based startup, when I realized I had to do something different to rediscover myself and my goals.

So I decided to leave the land full of opportunities and fly back home to the Philippines. Since then, I had only one thing in mind: making the Philippines a new land of opportunity.

Pandemic and door locks give more Filipinos access to online information. According to Ookla, the global broadband speed monitoring system, the Philippines ranks 83rd in terms of mobile speed as of February 2021, thus providing more ways for more Filipinos to access the Internet.

Increasing use of iPhone devices worldwide

In terms of mobile usage, Apple’s iOS has a sizeable 16.45% share of the mobile operating system worldwide, according to StatCounter as of March 2021.

The AppStore economy is $ 1.3 trillion, and Apple created more than 1.5 million jobs in iOS alone, and iOS developers were paid more than $ 85,000 on average.

Accept iPhone worldwide

Apple CEO Tim Cook take the right stance With regards to everyone’s privacy and security, and because of this, the Apple ecosystem is attracting more users and developers. Today, more and more people are buying iPhones and so on needs more for technical jobs and iOS development.

The need to help Filipinos find opportunities in mobile software and product development led to my idea of ​​bringing a part of Silicon Valley to the Philippines.

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Create an online school for aspiring software developers for the Apple ecosystem

The future is mobile and we will see more of the people creating the Clubhouse or Snapchats of tomorrow.

By setting up an online coding school, more Filipinos will have access to learn more about iOS app development using innovative learning methods built by Apple to prepare them. Solve real-world problems through encryption.

This led me to build Hikre School, together with two co-founders in the United States.

Hikre offers a 16-week course in iOS software development, product design and soft skills required by most domestic and global technology companies. We also provide direct counseling and career recommendation, so that students can get high-quality jobs here and abroad after they graduate.

Most students do not want to pay hundreds of thousands of tuition fees just to end up unemployed after graduation. Therefore, we offer students an option to pay tuition until they are hired.

How did it all begin

I was the first Filipino alumni of Apple’s exclusive school, Apple Developer Academy in Italywhere I worked on five software projects with different groups of people for a year.

I learned iOS Development, human interface design, business marketing, and storytelling, and I even got the chance to speak in front of Apple executives to present our project.

Then, when I arrived in the United States, I got the opportunity to work for a startup based at Stanford University, which ultimately prompted me to envision the idea of ​​creating an The American Dream as a service by packing up my skills and experience and making them accessible to my Filipinos.

Derick David and Lisa Jackson, Vice President of Apple’s Environmental and Social Initiative

We envision our prospective students will have access to amazing opportunities not only in Asia but also in Europe and in America. I want the Philippines to be the next Silicon Valley in terms of talent and thinking.

It’s a community, a culture, calling for people who want to change the world. We are not calling ourselves an e-learning company, but an education infrastructure company.

IOS development has barely made a mark in the Philippines, while top universities such as Stanford University, University of Toronto and Harvard University have offered it as a course due to an increase in demand.

The Philippines is a country full of humble and hardworking people with limitless potential, and they can go as far as they want, but they lack the skills, resources, and mindset needed to make that happen. real. Skills like software development, application design, storytelling, and copywriting are critical to an ever-changing world. Hikre school is here to do that.

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