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Why do children need to ask themselves big questions in the first place

“It is important that we give children the tools to empower, to know themselves, where they come from and beyond the label,” says Chopra, whose latest children’s book is available. the person with the latest children’s book Just you (a third in the series Just breathe and Just feellaunch this month.

Children need to learn this for the same reasons as adults: It’s easy to get caught up in needs of modern life and beginning to observe yourself through the lens may not color the whole picture. “Children are growing up in such a stressful and demanding environment. We should teach them how to bring them back to the basics in order to find out who they are,” she said. “It is structured with four questions: Who I am, what do I want, how can I serve, and What am I grateful for? “

Great question, for sure. But asking them allows for a different kind of conversation with children – a conversation filled with possibilities and development: “When we encourage them to ask these questions and think about what they like – avoid Far from ‘strengths’ and ‘weaknesses’, Chopra adds about the journey of building skills and connecting with others.

It is important for us to realize our role in this journey: “From an early age, parents, adults, teachers, mentors, start labeling children right away – early on. a lot more than we think, and the labels that other people put on them: She’s the big sister, the pianist, the tennis player, student A – these are all the labels that kids I got a gift, “she said. “So the first thing we need to do is remind the kids that they are more than the labels they have. Children, on the one hand, resilient. But they can also get stuck in the labels they’re identifying for them. ”

And while you’re at it, maybe stop and think about how you can be ask these questions of your own: “It’s also a good lesson for adults – you are more than your label,” she reminded us.



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