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Why do you feel stressed and worried about not exercising

So, you are trying to reduce stress and anxiety by exercising… but you are so stressed and anxious that you cannot find the strength to exercise. You’re not alone.

Only one Disease, at the same time with the global epidemic. The exercise paradox of stress is aided by one April 2021 research, is published by a peer-reviewed, open-access scientific journal PLOS OneThis shows that mental health “is both a driving force and a barrier to physical activity in the COVID-19 pandemic”.

This study looked at 1,600 people to find out “how and why mental health, physical activity and sedentary behavior changed during the course of the pandemic.” What they found was likely not too surprising: “While exercise promises to reduce anxiety, many of the respondents feel too anxious to exercise. Likewise, even though exercise reduces depression, respondents with more depression were less motivated to be active and lack of motivation was a symptom of depression, “she said. Jennifer Heisz, PhDstudy lead author and Fellow of the Faculty of Kinetics at McMaster University.

Increased stress levels and increased symptoms of anxiety and depression are correlated with a decrease in the number of minutes of exercise. In a vicious cycle, this decline in physical activity worsens symptoms of stress and mental health, leaving many of us feeling … trapped.

Reshape your exercise mentality to reduce stress and anxiety

There are a number of ways you can try to dig yourself out of the pit, and while it’s not that easy it’s definitely worth it (from some perspective). The study itself has suggested a number of options, including:

  • Remind yourself that some exercise is better (if all you have is five minutes, use it!)
  • Cut back on intensity (try walking instead of a regular warm-up)
  • Get some exercise every day – dance to good music
  • Stand and move between long intervals while sitting or lying down
  • Book the travel time just like you used to book studio time; Block it in your calendar

In addition to the study’s findings, the co-founder of Lift Studio LDN and certified personal trainer Camp Danny have some wisdom of its own. Tabor herself has experienced personal struggles and emotional hardships. She started with a change of mind and rearrangement.

“We think that adding in exercises will drain our energy and create a more tense, busy mind,” says Tabor. “In fact, for me, the more I prioritize exercising – even if it’s only 15 minutes a day, the more energetic I feel, the less stressful I feel. It created a sense of space in my head and bees in my body.

Instead of thinking of your workout as exhausting or exhausting, treat it like a physical cup of coffee. An energy booster! “I never regret a training session because it always makes me feel alive, finished … even calmer,” she said.

Consider your intensity. Tabor also recommends recalibration when it comes to the intensity of your workout. “We must remember: walking is exercise. It doesn’t have to be CrossFit, ”she said. Intense exercise can make you feel intimidating, even stressful, she explains. “The memorization of that exercise does not [only] about calorie burning and pain sensation. “She recommends choosing an exercise style that will help you relieve stress, even if it’s simply a walk in the park or a gentle yoga session for a few minutes.

Here’s a 20-minute yoga routine designed to reduce stress:

In the meantime, you will have no trouble.

Remember that exercise is practice. Five minutes is better than no minutes. In addition to these exercise-specific tips, it’s extremely important to focus on your mental health first – on ground healing, if you want to. Find yourself a therapist, talk to your doctor about your symptoms, improve the quality of your sleep, rest with technology … do whatever you can to get your brain working. works well. Not only will this help you feel better (and healthier!), It will also get you back on track with your exercise routine.

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