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Why do you shake when holding a plank, according to an expert

True story: I could be in the best state of my life – crushing my exercises, never missing a chance of rehabilitation and everything else in between – but never Failed hours that I would stop breathing after walking up about two stairs and I would tremble if I held a plank for longer than 30 seconds. Feeling a breeze whenever you walk up stairs involves working your muscles harder and requires more oxygen, leading your heart to work harder to meet those needs. But shaking when holding the board? Turns out to shake the board very Usually – yes, your favorite athletes can shake it whenever they plank.

“It’s perfectly normal to shiver or shiver while plank. This just means you’re pushing the muscle contraction to its limit and testing its stamina, ”said David Jou, PT, DPT, Co-Founder of Motivny in New York City. According to Dr. Jou, the same is true of shaking in other exercises. Finally, once you begin to decline muscle retention for a while, your muscles begin to contract and relax at a faster rate, leading to vibrations.

We’ve all reached the point where our muscles are exhausted and our main concern is not collapsing on the ground, leaving our form as a belated thought. Technically, you can skip this from time to time, but you should try to avoid falling into bad technical habits, as that can lead to injury later on.

Specifically, as for plank, Dr. Jou says that shaking isn’t necessarily a bad thing depending on the type of training and intensity you’re pursuing, but don’t overdo it by focusing on your form. . “Once you’ve achieved a few sets or reps whose form is affected, maybe this is the right time to rest or stop completely,” he advises. He also recommends making sure you consume Food will give you energy when you exercise and you are well hydrated prior to the workout, as both can contribute to vibration during exercise. “You can get shivering because you don’t have enough nutrients to stay active,” he explains.

Regardless of your physical level or experience, form enhancement is always helpful and Dr. Jou emphasizes the need to create stress in the right body areas and in the right direction whenever possible. you do the plank. “For the forearm plank, be sure to pull your elbow toward the foot while pushing your toes to the ground.” Don’t forget to keep activating your glutes by squeezing them and keep your pelvis sucked in without having to climb on the hips, he said. And as always, make sure you are breathing the entire time. “This will ensure that you have created a stable and even spine throughout the plank.”

It’s always a good time to test your technique. Refresh your form with this plank tutorial:

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