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Why does my bitch lift her legs to urinate?

Has your bitch ever lifted her paw on a tree or fire hydrant? Although patterned leg lifts are the job of male dogs, it turns out that female dogs to lift their legs to pee are more common than you might think!

Only male dogs lift their legs to urinate?

While many male dogs will lift their legs when they pee and marked with urine, not all do! Dr. Jamie Richardson, Medical Director at Small door veterinary, note that ‚Äútraditionally, male dogs tend to lift one leg up to urinate, while female dogs squat. However, some female dogs raise one leg, and some male dogs squat – that’s just for personal preference. Most puppies, both male and female, squat to urinate while they are puppies, and some male dogs continue to squat a few or all of the time, even as adults, breed Like some bitches will start to lift their paw.

Why does the bitch lift her legs?

There are many behavioral reasons why a dog may lift its legs to urinate. ‚ÄúRaising the legs for urination often involves marking the urine. According to Dr. Richardson, dogs can mark urine for attention because they are anxious and / or to establish territory. There’s even a reason dogs, regardless of gender, will try to raise their legs as high as possible when urinating. “Lifting the leg allows the dog to pee at an upright object, and as urine drips down the object, the larger surface area covered creates a stronger scent,” says Dr Richardson.

Interestingly, Dr. Richardson explains that the size of the dog can affect if she intends to lift her paw to urinate “studies have shown that smaller female dogs are more inclined to lift their legs to urinate. urinating more than medium to large female dogs. ” By raising her legs as high as possible, the dogs might be trying to make themselves look bigger than the dogs that would come along and look for their signs.

Usually, you don’t have to worry if your bitch lifts her paw to pee. Photo: zoranm / Getty Images

Should I worry that my bitch lifts her legs to pee?

While female dogs lifting their legs to urinate may surprise some owners, it is not unusual and nothing to worry about. While, as Dr. Richardson noted above, some female dogs may lift their paws to mark territory to attract attention because they are anxious or seem louder to many dogs, there is no underlying cause of behavior. She may “simply find that pose more comfortable than squatting.” It might surprise the guardians if their bitch starts to lift her paw. However, Dr. Richardson advises, “owners don’t need to worry about bitches lifting their legs to pee, as long as they are still in business in acceptable locations.”

While lifting your legs to urinate is not a concern, changes in the way you pee will be a concern for any dog. Dr. Richardson advises that if your dog starts to have an accident or “shows any other signs of urination distress such as pushing, whining, urinating more or less than usual, you should take him or her away.” Examination as soon as possible by veterinarian. These could be symptoms of a medical condition that needs treatment.

How to keep a bitch clean if she lifts her legs to urinate

It is okay for a bitch to lift her legs when she pee, but female dogs, especially until they practice aiming, will likely pass urine on themselves. This can be very smelly in well-coated dogs and can even lead to health conditions. “It is important to clean the urine so that they do not burn because the urine causes irritation to the skin below the coat,” advises Dr Richardson. The good news is that you do not need to thoroughly bathe your dog just because it has a little discharge of urine on the inside of its hind legs. Dr. Richardson suggests that “for quick cleaning, you can use warm towels or any commercially available pet wipes.” There are even travel-sized pet wipes packs you can keep in your car or purse for a quick cleaning of your girl on the go.

Featured photo: Photo: ThamKC / Getty Images



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