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Why Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmakers focus lenses on five GSEA student entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship Organization (EO) encourages young entrepreneurs through Global Student Entrepreneur Award (GSEA), EO’s flagship competition is for college students who own and run a business. The annual competition culminated with the Global Finals where “Student enterprise” from 50 countries compete and connect with both seasoned businessmen and other student competitors. The 2021 GSEA Global Finals Competition will be held almost from May 4-6, 2021.

In 2019, Emmy Cristina Costantini and Darren Foster award-winning documentary filmmakers and directors watched five student entrepreneurs in the months between their national GSEA competition wins and GSEA Global Finals 2019. The result is a National Geographic documentary available on Disney + with the title Own room. We asked Costantini and Foster about the experience. Here’s what they shared:

Why did you choose GSEA as your documentary setting?

Feeder: After doing Science fairAfter high school students played internationally, we wondered, ‘What do these kids look like when they grow up?’ We think GSEA will be a great framework for discovering another generation of students with great ideas that can turn into big business. “

Costantini: “We love how international GSEA competition is, with Competitors of students from 50 countries. We want to tell a story about people from all different parts of the world, from different backgrounds, backgrounds and cultures. GSEA has that; it stands out from other competitions. The creativity of all students, the variety of their business ideas and the number of countries represented make GSEA the right choice for us ”.

Feeder: “The unique feature of GSEA is that the competition focuses on entrepreneurs themselves – student and their story–Not just their company. As documentary filmmakers, we like that students are encouraged to share their journeys. You can see that they are complex people. They are doing amazing things, but they are real people.

What is your biggest lesson about student entrepreneurs?

Feeder: “Student companies are the product of identification problems in their local community and find a way to solve that problem. That way, they came up with bigger ideas that could expand to solve global problems. A lot of us complain about the world’s problems, but we don’t do anything. Seeing these young students take on these important challenges was truly inspiring. “

Costantini: “They all seem very wise after so many years. They understand the possibility of failure, but their fear does not stop them from trying. They have this characteristic Failure is part of the processS. I found that there is a pervasive power among business people ”.

What is your general impression of the GSEA competition?

Feeder: “I am most impressed with the culture and the environment that EO created through the GSEA for the event. It’s a very active competition – no one is trying to beat each other. Instead, we see competitors support each other by providing advice and feedback. GSEA has created a very positive environment that encourages close friendships ”.

Costantini: “I’ve never seen a lot of sideline learning in the other competitions we’ve filmed. We overheard helpful conversations like, ‘Have you heard of this approach? What are you doing about sponsorship? This is what we are doing. ‘Although the students are competing with each other, they are learning and growing in the process. “

What should viewers keep in mind when watching your movie?

Feeder: “It is a bright future. It’s easy to feel frustrated over the past year with a pandemic. But we’re out of this pandemic because of people like the student entrepreneurs introduced in this movie: Innovators with big ideas, people who don’t mind taking risks. Covid vaccine was founded on science and the people who built businesses around it. The future is bright as long as there are people out there like these students ”.

Costantini: “As adults, our job is to encourage people to be independent and Creative thinking in education. We are very grateful to GSEA for providing this great foundation and for allowing us to document it. “

What is the biggest lesson you learned from the job Own room?

Feeder: “We are inspired by a circle of excellent and excellent students, many of whom have overcome great challenges. We are grateful to them for sharing their stories and perspectives. As business owners, we’re constantly getting new ideas for the movies we want to make – so we’re pitching, like GSEA’s competitors. We took notes during the game to help improve our pitch! “

Costantini: “I am amazed at their courage and independence. We could all take a page from these students’ books and take our fear of the unknown to try something new. It is an astonishing trait that they all have in common, and one that I aspire to emulate. “



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