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Why mbg decided to launch a Podcast Beauty

The problem is, there is no centralized definition of “clean” beauty. But we don’t think that’s a bad thing! In fact, that’s what makes the beauty industry so dynamic: “We have a lot of players coming to the table with their own prejudices, incentives, reasons for what they do. [clean beauty] Engler explained.

And those definitions? They are changing Fast. “[We’re] Actively try to identify these words in real time, because we’re learning a lot more about these ingredients, Engler said. It’s a constant conversation, and it can change direction instantly – so we wanted to ours Discuss in real time. That way, we can keep updating you about what we really mean when we say “clean”.

“These are important conversations to have, because if we don’t have them right now, how will we control the future story?” poses Engler. “How do we control the definition of clean beauty? How will we control the products that are brought into the world? How do we control the story that young beauty fans out there are listening to? “



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