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Why should children wear smart watches – Beth Owen

Why should children wear smart watches – Beth Owen

A funny thing to ask, right? Why on earth do we want to bring more technology into our children, in a world where we are more and more take care of device usage time and technology addiction invading our children’s lives?
Even so, hold your horse with negative thoughts as there are actually some real benefits to kids wearing smart watches, just like kids wearing any kind of watch on a daily basis, but Smartwatches offer a level of safety and comfort that you might not have thought about before.

Techno Kids

Like it or not, our babies will be surrounded by technology from the moment they are born (and for some, even before they are born!). We may dream of an idyllic life surrounded by nature and tranquility, but in reality every child will grow up in a more connected world than we or our parents did, And every child will have a relationship with technology that needs to be carefully managed.
Instead of trying to protect them from this technology, why not embrace it and teach some responsibility along with it?

Responsibility at the right time

Teach your children to be responsible for technology that means teaching them responsibility in general, and for most parents starting very early as they learn to tell the time. How many parents are asked by a 3 year old every five minutes “What time is it?” while pointing at the clock?
Buying your kids a smartwatch means you can effectively destroy two birds with just one stone, teaching them the time, as well as a gentle introduction to the technology they will be difficult to hit. lost!

Connectivity when it’s important

In a world where everyone is always connected, you might think it’s best to turn it off once in a while, and that’s true, but you won’t want to make sure you can get in touch with your kids even if they’re in Where or even better, know where they are all the time?
As part of your effort to give them more accountability, you can gain some limited freedoms for the effective use of the technology. Most Smart watches for girls and boys have an option to call a designated phone number (yours) in an emergency with the touch of a switch.
Many devices also have built-in GPS connectivity, meaning you’ll always know where they are and you can always contact them if they need you. This feature alone is probably one of the top reasons parents choose to buy a smartwatch for their child.

Learn how to organize

If your child is a little older, probably nearing the end of elementary school, then starting to learn about responsibility in an organizational setting can really help.
Being able to receive notifications and updates right on their wrist is a great way to gently remind your child of important dates or commitments and a positive first step on the path to a future. organized and accountable.



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