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Why should everyone read at least one birth chart

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Gone are the days of astrology as simply your sign. The Increasing interest in birth chart—A snapshot of the sky at your time, date, and place of birth – occurring as introverted individuals seek alternative forms of self-acceptance and personal instruction.

Led by Well + Good senior producer Taylor Camille, the latest episode of The Well + Good Podcast discover all the astrology with That is so an upgrade co-organizer Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari, psychotherapist Caroline Hexdall, PhD and astrologer Kirah Tabourn.

“Astrology is a really interesting tool and opportunity for a path and lens of what’s going on,” says Kott, noting that everyone should read the birth chart at least once. “To have someone explain your specific transition, it informs a lot and it can really help get past the deadlock, or how to plan, or whatever you’re doing. That is really a huge asset ”.

“When I first saw my birth chart, it was like, oh, great … this is my chart, my own special design,” Tabourn said. “It feels a lot like I’m seeing and witnessing the universe, but also being allowed to be myself.” Tabourn’s chart makes her feel more at peace with her personality parts, she added. “It was like, ‘Oh, yes, it’s no surprise I’m so sensitive and emotional. I am the Tiger King and Pisces rise. There’s nothing wrong with me, just who I am. ”

Photo: Elizabeth Kott, Stephanie Simbari and Kirah Tabourn.

“When I give the readings, I usually have a job application form that asks: What do you want to focus on? What are some topics you want to explore? “Tabourn explained. For reading Camille’s first birth chart, Tabourn focuses on what will happen next year; Camille describes the session as eye-opening, leaving her with a lot to understand and interpret.

“It is human nature to want to analyze ourselves, and what we get from astrology is like a clean window to see,” Camille said. “There is some kind of safety that we can get from our stars without judgment.”

After reading the birth chart, you should make a plan See a therapist to extract what you’ve learned and why the information is important to you, says Dr. Hexdall. “What it means for you and how you want to use it to guide what’s next in your life,” said Dr. Hexdall. “And then the therapist can provide the tools to actually make that happen, so that it doesn’t just live in a horoscope or not just live in a reading, but it actually becomes activated in that individual’s life. ”

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