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Why should we bet on technology on Earth Day

Pandemic not only inherits changes to our lifestyles, but also brings time to rest for the planet.

April 22, 2021

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By Luis Raul Valdés

On April 22 every year, World earth day celebrated, a day that aims to raise awareness within the International Community about a shared responsibility to protect the planet. In 2021, this day invites us to bet on environmental sustainability through the use of technology

At the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century, a virus like SARS-COV-2 remembers human fragility, but shows its strength technological development . Without a technology ecosystem, today we wouldn’t have access to many categories vaccine against COVID-19 . The first two years of this decade reiterate that commitment to innovation and synergy-building efforts are the ideal mechanisms for a prosperous future.

Innovation Not only tackled the virus in terms of health, but in parallel, it also eased the economic crisis caused by the shutdowns. Without these technological alternatives, today would be just over a year of a large-scale strike.

Pandemic not only inherits changes to our lifestyles, but also brings time to rest for the planet. In 2020, the International Energy Agency (IEA) spoke of this fact based on the shock the energy sector faced with reduced energy use. IEA’s own estimates indicate that a return to normal will end that “rest period” by 2026, but an alternative model could aid in building a healthy planet.

A gradual return to normal has to consider technologies as adjunct against climate change with the same level of efficiency in a number of economic activities.

Although there are irreplaceable items for virtual, but moving in direction alternatives of human-technology interactions can reduce carbon emissions, mainly by saving fuel for transportation. In addition, local entrepreneurs and businesses will continue to take advantage of e-commerce, financial systems will use more digital services, and cities will be forced to put them into operation. citizen health and environment-friendly communication systems – strengthening each area of ​​public safety – and technologies for the health sector will be a constant tool for keeping populations healthy And, companies will recognize the need to keep their information safe and invest in cybersecurity.

A gradual return to normal requires consideration that technologies are auxiliary against climate change with the same level of efficiency in a number of economic activities / Photo: Depositphotos.com

The COVID-19 pandemic is the ideal reason to envision business opportunities based on the best practices of actors seeking to solidify a pioneering world.

The Israeli case in the face of the pandemic was successful. Today, this is the first country to allow people to go out on the streets without wearing a mask thanks to an effective vaccination campaign. To date, Israel has vaccinated 60% of the population.

Despite the economic disadvantages of the pandemic, Israel saw an economic growth of 1.9% by 2020, especially due to the use of technologies that minimize the impact of the shutdown.

Israel and its technological development are an open space for collaboration thanks to the innovative ecosystem it provides. In Mexico, it is possible to learn from Israel’s best practices and collaborate with its technology through the Chamber of Commerce of the Israeli Embassy, ​​as it facilitates direct linkage with thousands of companies. Israeli startups are ready to build synergies to ensure integration. of a sustainable planet.

World Earth Day celebrations should not be simply a celebration, but a call to action with the use of the best mechanisms to protect the planet, including a commitment to technology. . The synergies through the business opportunities that Israel offers are key so that Mexico, through its government, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and the general public can gradually meet the goals set in these Sustainable Development Goals in a sustainable and effective manner.



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