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Why should you try Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a platform where chats can be restored without distracting emojis, text, photos or videos.

April 13, 2021

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My work is based on social media. I live from them and with them 24 hours a day.

After running one SEO agent and a platform for influencers Over 6 years, it can be said that we have seen a lot, cannot say it all because in the social networking world the only thing that remains constant is change.

Some networks have attracted me more than others, and like all users, I have had moments of exhaustion and saturation, irritability and even anger at the false or hateful messages I seen in the digital world.

Until Club house has come and I find a flexible space in which I can listen and comment on topics of interest to me without all the “noise” therein. Social Network .

In a world full of text messages, emails at all times and infinite scrolling, Club house is a platform where chats can be restored without distracting emojis, text, photos or videos.

Chance to chat

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Clubhouse is a chat platform.

So far, it plays with an aura of monopoly because to be part of the platform you have to be invited by an existing member.

Once inside, you get the chance to join different rooms where people hold audio chats. These rooms can be very specific and thematic (like conferences or TEDx talk), or they can be more sociable, like chatting with family or friends.

I don’t know if it’s the pandemic effect or the noise I mentioned earlier, but my perception is that people want to have a good conversation. Not for nothing, Clubhouse has grown exponentially since its inception in 2020, and in the early months of this year it has registered more than 4 million new downloads (1 million people joined in just during February).

If not, it is similar to any other social network. Each user has followers and followers of others. The magnifying glass icon lets you search for contacts and topics, and alarms the activity of tracked users. In each room, the admin has moderation tools that allow you to lock, mute or close the door.

Due to its novelty, there are still more rooms in English than Spanish, which gives us Spanish speakers an edge over others and is creative in using connections. new.

We are all influencers

Photo: Depositphotos.com

For now, connecting in Clubhouse really means focusing on personal interactions and honest communication with the people you interact with. To build a Clubhouse later, you need to prepare to invest time.

In times of today’s limited and canceled events, creating rooms and chatting about your industry can give you a big advantage. But if you only use Clubhouse to promote your product or service yourself, users will quickly lose interest.

Brands are currently unable to create their own profiles, meaning they have fewer opportunities to sell directly and promote their products. However, brands can trust the people they represent, create rooms and organize conversations relevant to their area of ​​expertise.

For example, as an expert in digital marketing and influencers, I could open a room to discuss industry-related topics and invite colleagues in it, or people with additional business. If I do it consistently, little by little, I will make a name for myself in a community related to my interests, it means that I myself will become a photographer. enjoy.

Clubhouse’s engagement is not driven by a hashtag or algorithm right now, and the platform’s rewards are storytelling, collaboration, and idea sharing. If we harness the power of conversation, we are all influencers.



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