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“Why the Republican voter restriction is a race against time”

CNN columnist Ron Brownstein:

In their efforts to erect new obstacles to voting, especially on the Solar Belt, Republicans are lining up sandbags against a the wave of demographic change is on the rise.

In many states where Republicans are imposing the most severe restrictions – including Georgia, Arizona, and Texas – the change in the composition of the voters are eroding decades of GOP’s dominance is hardly tested.

In each of those states – and others, such as North Carolina, South Carolina, and in a slightly different way, Florida – the GOP retains a statewide advantage largely due to its strong performance toward elderly people, without college degrees and non-urban White voters. But in most of those states, the Republican advantage is dwindling between two strong demographic flows: the Democratic Party’s performance improves among White-necked voters in and around the major fast-growing cities of the states, and the electoral aging of younger generations is determined by the racial diversity in the kaleidoscope.



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