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Why the rest day is so important to your physical and mental health

A person’s relationship to exercise can fluctuate: Some days of being motivated to move can be challenging, while others your stamina may be compared to Energizer. Bunny.

I fully support working in a new direction physical goalsBut apply frantically right must practice every day Thinking can be dangerous. In fact, giving your mind and body time to rest and recover will actually support your goal, not derail it.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to sit on the couch every day to rest. Instead, try taking active rest days where you don’t exercise or do vigorous exercise, but you still do light exercise. Consider walking, stretching, or a move Short, gentle yoga session.

Should take the rest days to decompress and prioritize taking care of yourself by sleeping more, staying hydrated, eating nutritious mealand just unscrew the roll.

Get rid of the idea that exercising every day is the “right” way to exercise can take time. But the positive rest days are crucial for achieving your fitness goals and for staying safe and overall healthy. Let me share four reasons why:



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