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Wildfire makes air quality worse by 2020, despite lockout

Last spring, many environmentalists cheered for the side effects of door locks, such as reducing air pollution. While the car remained parked and the air got cleaner for several months, Forest fires denies any lasting improvements. A new report from IQAir analyzed winners and losers – mostly losers – in the war on air pollution.

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“You look at August through December, and you see the biggest impact on air quality is wildfires,” Glory Dolphin Hammes with IQAir reports. Wyoming Public Media. In the United States, those wildfires take up the air Pollution in 2020 will be higher than two years earlier, even though all of these people are working from home and are going nowhere.

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Annual World air quality report Use the PM2.5 average measure. This means that the particle is 2.5 micrometres or less in size. These tiny particles are floating through the air, into our lungs and even into the bloodstream as we breathe, with Health result.

The new report shows that PM2.5 levels increased the most in São Paulo (+ 5%), Melbourne (+ 1%) and Los Angeles (+ 1%). The wildfire season devastated all three cities and surrounding areas. By September 2020, the world’s 77 most polluted cities are in the US – 35 cities in Oregon and California each and seven cities in Washington. While the fires bear the main responsibility, Trump’s reversal of environmental regulations and lax attitudes A US law used to control air pollution in the country Doesn’t help.

Overall, the 37 most polluted cities in the world are located in South Asia. According to US AQI measurements, 80% of cities in Bangladesh, 67% of cities in Pakistan and 32% of cities in India qualify as “unhealthy” or worse. The most polluted city in 2020 is Hotan in China, mainly due to massive sandstorms.

There are a few cities that have become winners with improved air quality throughout the year. Singapore’s PM2.5 levels fell 25%, Beijing 23% and Bangkok down 20%.

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