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Wisconsin Hospital Replaces All Anesthesiologists With CRNAs : Economics

I know this is a super long comment. But please read it. Few people really understands what doctors, dentists, nurses, and most other medical professionals go through and it’s disrespectful how were being treated. We don’t need any data to understand that this is a bad idea

You should really take a look at the amount of training an anesthesiologist goes through in comparison to a CRNA. I’m not talking about just the sheer difference in time.

Go to your state university’s website and look at the chances of getting into any program that meets the requisites of most med schools in the US. Check out their respective curriculums to understand the scope of what needs to be learned. Go to khan academy (and pirate the required textbooks found in the syllabus) and try to replicate any semester after first year. In fact, you probably work and have other things to do so take 2 semesters worth of time and learn that material. Download old exams on those subjects, take the exams only allowing yourself 1.5-2 hours, then grade yourself. I hope you did really well on them because failure to maintain a ~3.6 GPA and repeating too many classes really reduces your chances of getting accepted to med school. You know what else reduces those chances? Not having done research, community service, extracurriculars, and taking on leadership positions. On top of that you also have to stay on top of the MCAT (standardized admissions exam for US med schools). Understand that you took 2x the amount of time to learn the material and probably didn’t crack a 3.5 GPA on top of not needing to do any of those other things (this is common and why attrition rates are so high).

Med school is even worse. If you don’t live with someone that can financially help; you will end up taking out a massive loan on top of what you need to pay just to attend (didn’t even mention undergrad) because you will have no time to work. All your time will go towards learning material that is several times more dense and complex than the material from the semester you didn’t do too well on yet took twice the amount of time on. Afterwards, you have to take the USMLE step 1. That test is no joke. Look at any states’ med school curriculum. That exam will cover the first 2 years IN DETAIL. After that exam you also have to take the USMLE step 2 and step 3, respectively. You will need to obtain competitive scores. Don’t forget about also having to complete research, volunteer work, and internships/externships on top of all this. If you do really well you may match into an anesthesiology specialty.

After matching into the program you have to complete 4 years of residency. At this point you probably think you don’t have to continue being competitive, right? Wrong, you have to compete with those in the program for fellowships. Whether you want to focus on pediatrics, obstetrics, cardio, etc it will require extra schooling.

All in all, you have dedicated over 12 years of your life to have the privilege of providing the best possible technique and understanding that took centuries of development in an effort to mitigate risk of death or further health complication during surgery. You fought your way into that program. Of the quarter million people that take the MCAT every year, you took a place amongst some of the most brilliant and distinguished professionals in the entire world. Then, a couple dip shit who knows all of this good and well; up and decides that your level of capacity is not necessary because a CRNA is more cost efficient.

This move reduces the quality of anesthesia treatment as well as hurts the supervising surgeon. The surgeon will have to take on financial burden in the form of payments towards malpractice insurance. Do you believe the hospital will compensate the surgeons over their deduction hurting them?



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