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Work stress and libido don’t mix – Here are 3 tips

UThe ones who try not to have a meeting room are among the ones you like best Conventional erotic fantasiesIt’s safe to say your brain works very different from your brain gender. But if worries about spreadsheets and deadlines and important meetings keep you busy, you may find that the two mindsets are coming together in a way that isn’t necessarily great.

However, it is worth noting that you can hardly be alone in this situation. A study of sexual health care brands Foria investigated 2,000 Americans are sexually active on the intersection of stress about someone’s sex life. And 55% share that the stress from work or finding a new job has reduced their libido during the past year.

Now, we all can’t just get up and give up to save on our erotic pursuits, but what we may To do is to learn to negotiate better to balance work and pleasure. Much of it is about setting boundaries on how to consciously relax, as well as reimagining how we view sex. Below, Kiana ReevesForia, the somatic sex educator and Brand Manager for Foria, share three easy ways to keep your working brain from ruining your sex life.

Does work stress affect your sex drive? Here’s how to find some balance

1. Take time to reduce stress

In the old days, we had more and more obvious barriers between the “work regime” and the “sex regime”. You know, it’s like you’ve left your job and can go to a dreamy restaurant without fear of contracting a deadly virus. While that change in physical settings might not be available if you are working remotely and away from society, the idea of ​​the separation between work and non-work is still ongoing. Reeves says you can embrace it by spending half an hour listening to your body’s needs rather than a to-do list.

“Prioritizing pleasure can help relax your nervous system and expand your chances of having more of a desire to appear.” —Kiana Reeves, somatic sex educator

“Please take a bath CBD bath salts, curl up warmly in bed with a movie or plan a romantic candlelight dinner, ”she said. “Help your nervous system regulate and regularly prioritize pleasant activities. Prioritizing pleasure can help relax your nervous system and widen your chances of having more of a desire to appear.

2. Take some time quickly

“With so many challenges going on in our lives, joy and spontaneity are two tools we can use to support our happiness,” says Reeves. “A quick and playful sex session can bring excitement, stimulate arousal and can help reduce stress.”

Work to embrace that spirit anytime, anywhere, especially if you and an SO currently living that WFH life. No one has to know that your “break time” is coded language for a table-top dinner waiter.

3. Say goodbye to goals

Many people see sex as a target, with the end being the climax. And look, orgasm is amazing; When you answer playing sex games, ideally you are do want to go home with a bag of gifts. But good sex is more than that: If you follow your own pleasure and let your body guide you, you’ll definitely have more fun overall.

“Focusing on things like how your body feels, slowing your breathing and really adjusting what makes you enjoy – and then expanding on that – is the best way for us to really know what we want and What feels good “. Reeves. “It’s also an invitation to disconnect from your workday and try to be as present as possible. Based on the joys and desires of the moment. “

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