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Xi joined the Biden climate summit despite the stress

Xi Jinping will attend this week’s US-led climate summit, nurturing hopes of cooperation between the world’s two biggest greenhouse gas emitters despite heated tensions between Beijing and China. Washington.

The two-day meeting, which will begin on Thursday, marks the first time the two leaders have attended the same event since Joe Biden became US president. It will also play out amid growing concern about the US and its allies China’s increased aggression and accused of human rights violations in Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

The announcement came the day after Xi made it concealment attack on the US-led global order in a speech attacking unilateralism and economic detachment at the Boao Forum for Asia, the equivalent of the World Economic Forum in Davos of China.

The top foreign policy officials of nations traded first high-level barbs talk directly between the Biden government and Beijing in Alaska last month. The meeting ended with no sign of improving relations between the world’s two largest economies.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Xi will deliver a speech on the opening day of the Biden summit. This decision follows last week’s visit to Shanghai by John Kerry, US climate special envoy, including Beijing and Washington agree to cooperate to combat climate change.

The prospect of countries cooperating in the Paris climate agreement with the goal of curbing global temperature rise to around 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels marks a rare bright spot in the parallel relationship. Phuong has been achieved. lowest score since the relationship was officially established in 1979.

“It is clear that China is willing to attend Biden’s party,” said Dimitri de Boer, head of ClientEarth, an environmental non-profit organization, despite the tense bilateral relationship. He added that the decision sent a “very strong signal”.

Xi has moved to Beijing as the global leader in the fight against climate change, announcing in September that China’s carbon dioxide emissions will peak in 2030 and reach zero net emissions by 2060.

Beijing also wants to demonstrate that it can play a key role in fostering negotiations ahead of the next round of climate talks, which will take place at November in Glasgow.

During Kerry’s visit, China unilaterally upgraded its regular call with Emmanuel Macron, the French president and Angela Merkel, the German prime minister, to a “climate summit”. During the conversation, Xi made a pledge to limit the use of hydrofluorocarbon, a potent refrigerant and greenhouse gas.

But China’s dependence on coalBurning power plants and polluting industrial production have threatened to undermine the country’s efforts to become global climate leader.

The environmentalists are also large overwhelmed by the emissions reduction targets in China’s five-year economic plan, released last month. Beijing has objected to placing strict limits on coal use or announcing a moratorium on construction of more coal-fired power plants.

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