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Yellow on the doses of Astrazeneca in Anagni. Blocked redundant lots – Chronicle

The bills of millions of doses contained in the batches shipped by Anagni to Brussels, two of which were intercepted by the carabinieri and then returned to Belgium. The AstraZeneca factory in Italy ends under the prism of Nas, dispatched by the government after Europe became suspicious of the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company’s ability to export outside the EU. It all went against the background of the giant’s “strong noncompliance” and was denounced by Europe: “out of the 120 million doses” that should have been delivered in the first quarter under the contract, it was cut it down to “30 million but it’s not even close to this number.”
And the prime minister himself, Mario Draghi, determined: the shipments “are left to Belgium, to the parent company. I don’t know where they will go from there. Meanwhile, monitoring continues for the remaining batches.” again”. Even the Netherlands, according to the voice of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, is ready to “block” vaccine exports “if the EU Commission requests it”. And the French attack: AstraZeneca has “almost completely” kept its commitments “with the UK rather than with the European Union” on the supply of the vaccine and it was “a completely unacceptable situation. received. The European Union will not be amusing. ”

It was the European Commission that had already tense for weeks – due to the vaccination campaign still struggling in all EU countries due to lack of doses – was the European Commission. In a phone call last Saturday, President Ursula von der Leyen asked Draghi to verify, after an inspection request was initiated by EU Commissioner Breton, head of the vaccine task force: those suspicions regarding some batches that they did not return to Commission Accounts and should be located at the Catalent plant in Anagni, near Rome, where the vaccine has been injected at a rate of 5-6 million doses since September. And that place – according to suspicions – is still 29 million.

The warning was immediately turned off and Draghi notified the Health Minister, Roberto Speranza. Within hours – from 20 to 21 March – anti-sophisticated Nuclear troops were on hand in Catalent: the payloads under test were delivered to Belgium. The two were gone: but now everyone who went out was controlled by Nas. The European Commission’s task force, again citing “the importance of full transparency on the quantity of dosages produced at AstraZeneca’s European sites, asked for confirmation” of the source. The exact base of the plots was identified in Anagni.

Thierry Breton himself requested an intervention after a visit to a factory in Leiden, the Netherlands, run by Halix, one of two plants in the EU used by the pharmaceutical company to make vaccines. Oxford Company later clarified in a note that in the Anagni plant there were “another 16 million doses of vaccine waiting to be issued for quality control and shipped to Europe. Nearly 10 million doses will be shipped to other countries. EU countries during the last week of March, the balance in April, when the drug dose was approved for release after the quality control. “Therefore, at the present time,” no. Export plans do any other than Covax countries (short for whey distribution program in low middle income countries – ed) “, of which” has 13 million doses “. On the domestic front, the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, demanded “immediate clarity from the company and from Europe” because “that would be unbelievable”, with a lack of dosage like Italy, if it is true “AstraZeneca has 29 million doses still in an Anagni plant”. Progress is also related to production projects in Italy: in this sense, Defense is active, with “remarkable progress”.

Central to the program is an agreement that the Defense Industry Agency has signed with the ‘Toscana Life Science Foundation’ on research and development to assess the possibility of also creating a micro-vaccine factory. -withdraw. The production site, which is known not to take place before early 2022, will be a military chemical pharmaceutical plant in Florence.



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