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Your buyer’s journey is now online. Is your customer experience also digital?

April 6, 2021

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The truth is, customer experience (CX) there is noise. It’s been a focus for the past few years, and you would think this topic has been exhausted so far. But you should think of the CX in a new way.

The Your customers have been increasingly moving online for some time and the past year simply speeds up the migration process. Now then is truly standard and buyers are doing even more research online, your CX needs to be digital first.

With this in mind, here are some points to consider.

Omnichannel drew the wrong picture

When it comes to CX, there has been a lot of emphasis on multichannel strategy in the past. felt the pressure to keep up with the demands of complex buying cycles, in which they send someone diverse and assorted content through event campaigns, direct mail, and sales calls. row. But many people’s research is happening online.

Yes, I can see a friend wearing Allbirds and buying a couple on his own or testing a car and feeling more about to purchase when I’m done. But most practical decisions have mostly been made throughout my journey and digital research. While other channels are still useful, digital is the primary vehicle for today’s buyers.

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Rethink the definition of an event

When live events were canceled last year and we started to think about how to reallocate our events budget, that got me questioning the definition of an event. For me, an event is a channel. We use it to grab the attention of our targeted audience, then guide them through personalized content and experiences in the hopes they will make a purchase from us.

When people are not physically in front of you, it gets a little harder to create such a personalized experience. But, it has to be done. So with the buyer’s journey using only digital, marketers need to think more carefully about where they send people from their other channels.

For example, marketers can’t just push someone who clicks a digital ad to a social media page and hope the most recent post is helpful for them. Instead, they need to carefully lead individuals to content that is relevant to them. Events (channels) and tracks (content) are prime examples of how one can build personalized customer experiences online.

But how does one properly invest in data and channels to create such a CX journey?

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The technology suite behind the CX strategy favors digital efficiency

Creating a personalized CX journey requires a suite Technology Include who your buyers are, how you will attract them and where their final destination is. So first, think about who you are hoping to reach and influence. Who should your content be personalized? To help you manage this, you need to will organize your customer data, capture demographics, and record the actions taken. The following systems are key:

  1. (CRM)

  2. Marketing automation platform (MAP)

  3. Customer data platform (CDP)

  4. Account-based marketing (ABM) platform

Most mature organizations already have CRM and MAP in place, and B2B companies are rapidly adopting ABM on a large scale. However, the CDP is still on the rise. All four solutions work together ideally to help you truly get to know your customers and make an informed decision about the CX you give them.

Of course, just knowing your buyers doesn’t mean they’ll buy. You also need to really engage them. Your channels will be different, but you’ll want to consider exploring social media, digital advertising, chat, and access to online sales for your content. However, letting them interact with your content requires a new set of tools. While some may rely on traditional Content Management Systems (CMS), Content Experience Platforms (CEPs) designed to drive engagement with your content can take on the role. main. All of these solutions exist to meet the requirements for a modern CX suite.

Times have changed, and the only thing that has changed is that everything is now digitized. You can make the most of this by refining your CX to reach a digital audience and deliver personalized content experiences through online channels to ultimately drive them toward purchase. . Combine the solutions outlined here and you’ll be on the right track for a smooth, sophisticated digital foundation first. serving your buyers and you.

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