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Zero, the first TV series about invisible black Italian – TV

Become invisible to be seen. Where the protagonist is a modern hero with stealth abilities, there is certainly a metaphorical value here.
Together with the group of friends, he had to save the neighborhood in a slightly renovated Milan. More than Italian-African “Zero is a story. Period. The superpowers that young protagonist Omar will discover he has and who lives in the chic Milanese Barrio neighborhood, is in fact Barona. , a southern suburb of Milan, is a pretext for narrative. ”“ What makes it different is, for the first time, it is portrayed by second or third generation main characters. , the new Netflix series created by Antonio Dikele Distefano, twenty-seven-year-old Italian writer of Angolan origin and produced by Fabula Pictures with the participation of Red Joint Film. Available from April 21 on the streaming giant in all 190 countries where it’s available. Among the directors of the eight episodes are Margherita Ferri, Ivan Silvestrini, Paola Randi and Egyptian Mohamed Hossameldin.
Zero cycled through the streets of his city, but no one saw him. Because Zero is invisible: for the Italian state, for his family, and for the children of his suburban neighborhood. At least until it actually becomes invisible and this is where its 8 episode story begins. Not a superhero, but a modern hero who knows about his strength when the Milanese suburb he wants to escape is in danger. Zero will have to play a nasty hero, despite himself and in his adventure he will discover the friendship of Sharif, Inno, Momo and Sara, and perhaps love.
“A world that does not stop at prejudice, but goes beyond. To the truth of things.”
Antonio Dikele Distefano, a rising star in Italian publishing, wrote the series, created by Menotti (former co-screenwriter of the triumphal film They called him Jeeg Robot) alongside Stefano Voltaggio (also Producer of Creative Operations) Massimo Vavassori, Lisandro Monaco and Carolina Cavalli shaped the original and unique discovery of Milan, while narrating a rich and diverse world of underdeveloped cultures. appearance, in which significant contributions from the rap scene will be added. “I’m a fan of the manga, I told myself if there was a young black superhero in Italy,” says Antonio Dikele Distefano, author of I never had my age (Mondadori), the book that inspired the series. “In Italy, the difference is emphasized. And that is false. We need the norm: not the difference.
Tomorrow a boy must be able to see Zero because he sees himself in the main character, because he sees himself in what he does, in what he feels. And to recognize him as human, not by skin color “.
Giuseppe Dave Seke, Omar, 25, when he debuted as an actor, was born in Pontevigodarzere, a village three kilometers from Padua. One in three residents today is not Italian. Such a barrio was sung by Mahmood in the soundtrack, whose inhabitants remain invisible. “It seemed ridiculous at first but we spent three months locked inside the hotel rehearsing and finally we were ready to shoot.” The world is passing quickly with the web, music, especially children. I have two younger brothers, it is normal for them to have a “mix” group of friends, which was not like that 10 years ago. The cast includes a close group of young artists, from Haroun Fall to Daniela Scattolin, from Beatrice Grannò to Richard Dylan Magon.
Daniela Scattolin (Sara) “I think this is one of my most desired projects, and I was right to want it because it changed my life. For me, Zero represents wanting to be there. that at all costs “. Haroun Thu.Mo to tell a story … “The composer of the music, created specifically for Zero, is Yakamoto Kotzuga. Among the main soundtracks, the unreleased version is. Mahmood, titled Zero and produced by Dardust, closes the series and is part of Mahmood’s new album. In addition, he takes on the role of music supervisor for the last episode, where he oversees music selection. In the first episode, the song’s Marracash titled “64 bars of Fear”.
In ZERO’s complete soundtrack, songs by artists of the most modern and modern Italian musical script alternate, from rap, urban, trap and R&B: Tha Supreme with Blun7 in Swishland, Emis Killa with Fuoco e Benzina, Bloody Vinyl, Slait, Tha Supreme feat. Mara Sattei and Coez with Swings, Madame with Voice and Ginevra with Rajasthan



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